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Roy McCarthy, Designer/Illustrator, Liverpool. Author of 'A is for Allegro: an alphabet of curious cars', published by Pavilion. Based at @framebaltic

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I'm pissing about in France with @bonfactandthewools this week. Follow @baguette_lost for more photos of crap cars and weird storefronts 🇫🇷
Far too much @balticautoclub and not enough work last night. Today's my last day in the studio for a week, so I'll have my nose to the grindstone all day, with no distractions from car nerds. I'm looking at you @normanspond 👀
Been for a little wander around the old feller's office. So far, despite it clearly being lunchtime, I've managed to fight the urge to have a cheese butty and a sleep.
This #faceapp thing is shit.
Here you go kids, our pilot mini-episode is online now. #balticautoclub presenter Adam Dixon introduces his 1982 Mercedes S123 wagon and takes you for a little drive around Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. Link in @balticautoclub bio.
Well, this is a nice thing to come home to. Ta very much @boldstreetcoffee - expect another Instagram post when we get this thing on the wall! 🙂
New website's just gone up. Take a look at kulastudio.com and let me know what you think (unless you think it's shite, in which case just pretend you haven't seen it). Link in bio. Cheers 👍
Is this the life? Yes. This is the life.
Alright car weirdos, if this Merc is your kind of thing (and if it isn't, we can't be mates) you should give @quirky_classics a follow immediately. 📸 @stetopping_photo
Seacombe, 2009.
Oxton village, Birkenhead.
New Brighton, 2009.
Liverpool, 2009.
Levenshulme, 2008.
Levenshulme, 2008.
West Didsbury & Chorlton, 2009.
Liverpool, 2009.