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The only thing that we have to fear, is fear itself. 

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每天都在忙著過日子 漸漸的忘了怎麼過生活  cr. @potatosensei
If you could see what I see, you'd be blinded by the colours Yellow, red and orange and green, and at least a million others So tie up your bow, take off your coat and take a look around
我们都是有故事的人,伤心的,快乐的,平淡的  #圖文不符 #kaleidoscopic
Time can heal, time will tell, but time never waits.
midnight noise. nothing is louder than overthinking after midnight.
那些你一直尋找的 其實早已擁有  #ireallylikethispark #lovedthatisatherepeoplewatching #peoplewatching #makingupstories #黑崎町公園
I've seen fire and I've seen rain I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend But I always thought that I'd see you again
“尘封的往事里岁月不老,芳华依旧”  Explored the little-known places (at least for us) today. Little surprises along the way. The back alleys and sidewalks were scribbled with age, yet kept so clean~ I love how the shadows hit the walls, the pots of life lined the gates and doors, the quietness during the walk and my own exclamations at how pretty this simple sight is. Oh, and those vintage mail boxes!
19/07/2017, 1911hrs: You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you  #圖文不符 #想逃
我們都一樣 卻也都不一樣  #圖文不符 #發人深省
遲來的藝術照:My little tattoo took more than a month to heal. It actually differs from my own design.. and I changed my idea of placing it on my outer wrist to my inner ankle. Some sort of mindset shifted I guess... but the message is still there - to keep being brave.  不要害怕 勇往直前. 這是我一直告訴自己的 因為經歷了一些事 了解時間不等人 在這些年才領悟可能有些許遲 不過我就照著自己的速度前進好了.... 花語是勇氣 雖然這花已經不是我原先的圖案哈哈  #只是希望在日本不要被人異樣眼光啦 #我還是想泡澡
美美 24/6/2019 1918hrs: Caught the fiery red sky, possibly the prettiest of the year  #alwayslookingatthesky #坐在公車裡幻想自己是mv女主角 #redsky #nofilter
9/6/2019, 0830hrs: At the end of northern Singapore, where like-minded people come together for the same cause.
曾經我們都是小孩, 是什麼讓我們長大了? 真的只是歲月嗎?
有時還真的是邊猶豫不決邊下定決心的 人生就是在很多不確定的當中 找到歸宿 就像那天老師說的 沒有絕對的黑與白 很多時候都是grey area 都是灰的  Got another one of my resolutions checked in May, while another is on the way~ I’ve gotten more ambitious for my own good but I think I am able to complete them if I set my mind right.  迎接6月~  #throwbacktoapril
以我來形容 春天是那麼溫柔的季節 每天都是淡淡的 不同的小確幸 春天也是個寂寞的季節 萬物皆生於春 到處幸福洋溢 我卻看著這一切 融入不進去 #notemola Spring is a season of beauty and everything coming back to life. And this concludes my April in Japan~  #film
Post trip: 一個多月前才開始做功課時 覺得很overwhelming 很多地方想去可是七零八落 很努力的上網上圖書館查資料 雖然對日本的認識也不是沒有 可是就沒多在意 直到真的要去了解時 才覺得喔原來如此 京都有太多想要編進去的行程 必須懂得取捨 我也覺得我打包行李的技術進步了 真的只帶該用的 回來也是覺得真的很重 可是沒超重!這股想要去的衝動也不知是始於哪個時候 就可能積累出來的想去哈哈 一直很煩肯定會迷路和想做的事太多 還有一個是躺在公園/草地上仰望天空哈哈 (有一天特別累的時候做到了  最後也都一一實現了^^ #再給自己肩膀拍拍 ‘Cute cafe dorm with a cat’ was how it was named on Airbnb. And I booked it as soon as I saw availability. Cat was the number 1 factor, and its quiet neighbourhood was another. Sushiro and a posh bath house are just across the house! Met a really sweet girl Madhu, from India ^^ and we got to spend two dinners together before I leave first..
Post trip: 之前到台灣我是瞞著父母說和朋友一起去的 因為怕他們擔心反對 可是自己到最後幾天不打自招打給媽自首哈哈 這次是告訴他們我還是自己去 他們也還是唸了很多 但也比較能接受了 日本很安啦 我又沒那麼多朋友能配合時間 配合行程 有那麼多要配合的 還不如自己去 時間不等人啊~ 想做現在就去做! 當然也是會想和朋友一起去某些地方 有些地方一起去會比較好玩 請朋友來啾我~ 然後這是今年的resolution之一:完成✅  Spent a great 4 nights in Guesthouse Tonbo. Booked this immediately after knowing the location - just beside Kamo Gawa. Got a surprise when it has trains running just beside the house! Had dinner with one super friendly Taiwanese on my last 2 nights, who shares about food and cooking tips~~