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DAY 2-4 in search of the grey gold, aka owl pellets, through Idaho and Utah.  Found in barns and cliffs, these pellets are sold to distributers and then to schools around North America for dissection in biology class.
DAY ONE OF A multi WEEK TRIP IN search of GREY GOLD AKA BARN OWL PELLETS filming for a doc on @alfasenturion and his friends that collect owl pellets for $$$ 🦉🤮
Channeling STAN KUBY: MOON LANDING + A CLOCKWORK ORANGE + 2001 + FULL METAL JACKET. I met up with a friend of mine that’s in the military, @garand_thumb, one night a few weeks back and strapped a night vision goggle to the front of my camera and was pretty blown away by the results.  #noidontactuallythinkkubrickfakedthemoonlanding. #myfavoritekubrickmovieisdrstrangelove
I just saw that five years ago,  the first edition of Home Is Where You Park It came out.  TS Eliot once said that, "between the idea and the reality falls the shadow." Anyone thats dreamed up something and then made it knows that sometimes you get what you want and some times you miss. Here's one of my favorite photos from the project of some old road amigos.  To date,  Home Is Where You Park IT is one of the projects that I've done that I'm the most proud of the process and happy with result.  Creatively,  I've been channeling some of the themes from the  book into the scifi project that we've been working on in the studio.  The basic question of the film is that when people have the ability to live for ever and do anything what will we do to pass the time?  Spoiler alert: we're going to go on decade long road trips through the cosmos in bitchen space ships.  Anyways, I digress, Time flies.  If you havent seen Home Is Where You Park It in person or want another copy,  use the code FIVEYEARS in the link in my profile to get 25% off.
One of my favorite parts of living in van is the freedom of traveling around with everything you need to live.  That spontaneity of being able to pick up and head to a new place at a moments notice is hard to explain to someone that hasnt done it.  Now days, I spend my time working on films in the studio @moviemountain and have a lot less time to live like that.  To capture some of that same feeling, I've been escaping into the woods behind my dojo on this electric 2x2 bike.  Here's a little tour of how i have mine set up for camping. #microselfcontainedcapsule @ubcobikes
Bits and Pieces from April in Washington.  I spent the month working on projects in the studio at @moviemountain, catching up with old friends around campfires, scheming for what’s next and getting out and enjoying the change in seasons. After 6 months of rain and snow it’s so nice to finally be able to watch the sunset after 8 and wake up to warm spring days.
HERE’S AN OG STOPMO ANIMATION @moviemountain did for my dear friend @philliptannand for a project he’s working on with @jewice and @hopelord.  Can’t wait to make more shit for them.  Go check out @terpcrawford 🤘🏼🥦🦜🦚
Lando's look at forty.  I first met @landy_landzony 8 years ago in the Rincon parking lot.  I was 23 and he was 30. We surfed together in off and on for the three years i lived in my van.  When we were building the tree houses,  Lando came up and lent in a hand,  doing a bunch of finish work on the interiors of both tree houses and offering sage advice to the rest of the crew.  On the Wave's on Mars trip,  Lando crewed the sailboat and ran the galley.  Those in the Central and SoCal surf scene have probably heard his music and seen him surf.  He's an omnipresent legend.  A few weeks ago Lando came up and hung for a week,  staying in Octogone and putting in five hard fought hours in the sauna.  We shot the shit about life,  the recent passing of a family member and recorded a cover of this song. On one rainy day, I walked over to find him chainsawing naked, smoking a joint and singing this song.  INSPIRATION STRUCK and we made this video. Head over to his IGTV page to watch his cover of a Pirates Look at Forty @landy_landzony  #chainsawnaked #chainsawbarefoot #parrothead
God I Need A Girlfriend,  the short film @moviemountain made with @stefanjanoski is nominated for a @thewebbyawards under the animation section.  If you haven’t watched it yet follow the link in my profile and please vote for us 🤘🏼🙏🏻
I spent the day yesterday hanging out in the rain, reaching down and sticking the fire and watching the weather roll by.
A few years ago, I traveled to a remote section of the Southern California coastline to make a documentary about unique kind of surfing.  Training since birth, this group of surfers have mastered the art of surfing without surfboards.  Climbing mountains without ropes, child’s play compared to dynamic hydronic levitation (DHL), or “floating” as it’s called by those in the know. Here’s a short bit but the whole piece is linked in my profile @tearevor @landy_landzony @bobbersandsinkers @lebub @johannesgamble @theshelbyfoundation
EXCERPTS FROM THE LAST  FEW MONTHS and THOUGHTS FROM THE MOUNTAIN. I've focused on larger projects that take much more time and energy to come together in recent years.  Less feeding the social media monkey and more work on longer films.  Social media has evolved a lot since I first started throwing my work on the proverbial dart board.  I don't necessarily think its a force for good in the way i did 10 years ago.  Most of that has to do with how its managed by companies that have lost sight of their "altruistic" mission statements about connecting people and giving a microphone to those under represented are now concerned with getting people to spend as much time as possible locked to our phones, scrolling our days away.  There's going to be a backlash against it and its certainly something I find myself thinking about and talking about more and more these days. Here's a collection of moments that have crossed in front of my bow as well as some small things I'm currently in the middle of that I'm excite to share.