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Evan Morgan


Minister Salem n Bethel in Cardiff #inclusivechurch @EvanMogs on twitter also facebook. Loves red wine and great friends with loads of laughter.

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Picnic Salem #churchpicnic #haul
The joys #moderatorelectduties
Latest delivery to the Manse....
Recce ar gyfer trip i’n pobl ifanc yn mis Tachwedd fact finding trip for Salem teenagers in November.
Totally brilliant - such a great story superbly told!! Buy, beg, steal a ticket! I laughed and cried.
Lunch.... Great place....
Latest read....superb novel beautifully written and very powerful. @bookasaurus31 @duncan_azz
Gymfaces of Ev #sweatyrev #unshavenrev
Annual task mounting over 150 photos of Salemites for the vestry walls - review of the year!
Action photos of giving the keynote lecture on the Inclusive Church in our General Assembly...
Awesome first act - acting and direction top class one of my fave actors #simonrussellbeale
And so our season comes to an end..@SalemCC.  Great squad and lovely bunch of guys! #salemitesall
Giving the keynote Davies Lecture a rallying cry for being progressive and inclusive...#generalassembly
A cry for help when you’ve just been elected Moderator elect of your denomination (of the General Assembly) still taking it all in!!