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Marcus Ericsson


Driving the #7 @spmindycar @arrowelectronics car in the @indycar series. Third driver and brand ambassador @alfaromeoracing

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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes today! 29 years young feels good πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ» #me7
On request by @alfaromeoracing I will be in Belgium, SPA @f1 this weekend together with the team. Ready to race if Kimi cannot drive due to a injury. It means I miss this weekends @indycar race at Portland. I wish @spmindycar and @conordaly22 @hinchtown @jack_harvey42 the best for the weekend #indycar #f1
A night with many faces @wwtraceway . The @arrowelectronics @spmindycar car was great and we were one of the fastest all night, but a incident half way through put us 2 laps down. Still kept fighting and showed the potential we have. Very disappointing result with that in mind, but many positives to bring. And a big shoutout to all the fans that came out, you were amazing! #me7 #indycar
Tough race yesterday @poconoraceway . First of all happy everyone is ok after the crash at the start. We struggled with the car balance all race even though some good restarts put us as high as P5 at one point. But we just didn’t have the pace unfortunately. Disappointing P12 at the 🏁. Onto the next one πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’― #me7 #indycar
Fun to drive my first laps on the tricky triangle @poconoraceway today! A shame Q got cancelled due to rain which means we start from championship order (P16) tomorrow. But the @arrowelectronics @spmindycar car felt really good in practice and it’s a long race so let’s gooo #me7 #indycar
Race week = best week. Let’s go @poconoraceway @indycar @spmindycar @arrowelectronics #me7
Great weekend in Canada at @beckyjdalton and @hinchtown wedding. Congratulations again and thanks for letting us be a part of your special day πŸ’
DNF after getting taken out in the first corner of the race... So disappointing after the speed the whole @arrowelectronics @spmindycar team shown this weekend. We will keep fighting and we will bounce back next race @poconoraceway #me7 #indycar
Fun driving at the awesome @officialmidohio for the first time this weekend. P12 in Q today.  We can have a great race from there tomorrow. The #7 @arrowelectronics @spmindycar car feels good πŸ’―πŸ #me7 #indycar
What a night! Loved racing @iowaspeedway . Was in the mix for a podium until I got hit by a stop and go penalty in the end of the race. Very frustrating and tough but it was my mistake. P11 at the 🏁. The @spmindycar @arrowelectronics car was great to drive all night. Big congrats to @hinchtown for the podium, well deserved buddy #me7 #indycar
Good day @iowaspeedway . P10 in qualifying and nice feeling running in traffic during the practice sessions. Having a lot of fun on this short oval, can’t wait to go racing tomorrow night πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ’― #me7 #indycar
Another new track and experience this weekend @hondaindy Toronto. Difficult but fun track. Unfortunately got hit at the start of the race which put me 4 laps down. When I got going again I had great speed all day and posted the fastest lap of the race! Frustrating to not get a result out of it, but bringing the positives #me7 #indycar