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Dean Schneider


🦁My Mission is to bring Animals🐾 into Peoples hearts ❤️ Swiss-Boy🇨🇭living in Africa🇿🇦 Requests/Bookings/Collabs👇🏼: management@hakunamipaka.com

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Isn‘t it much more beautiful to watch👀 them🐒 in the WILD NATURE😍🙌🏼 than in a living room? (Comment your thoughts on that below👇🏼) • Today was a very exciting😝 adventure🙉 for all of Us out here in THE WILD! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Guys ❤️🙋🏼‍♂️🐒😌 • PS: Don‘t forget to Tag a Friend 😜
It was not easy for me to leave my FAMILY behind in switzerland🇨🇭! My Mother❤️ is one of the most important humans on this Planet🌍for Me! She is my biggest Fan, Supporter & Teacher in Life!😊 I feel incredibly blessed to have had the privilege to be raised with so much love❤️ and dedication🙏🏼 and i will never ever take this for granted, cause i know that there is lots of people out there who don‘t have this privilege! THANK YOU MOM❤️ FOR BEING MY HERO🙏🏼❤️AND SUPPORTING ME & HAKUNA MIPAKA WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE🙏🏼 • Tag somebody you carry in your heart❤️ and Inspire them to spread the love!
This is how I am going to spend my Weekend😅🤷🏼‍♂️🦁 What about You Guys? (Comment below👇🏼 & Tag a boring Friend who always wants to sleep😴😂)
One of the CRAZIEST🤪 & most INTENSE😲  experience of my life! Comment below👇🏼 YOUR Thought!😌 • Tag a friend who has to see👀 This!
Join the Hakuna Mipaka Movement🙌🏼 which is not only about INSPIRING✨ but also about EDUCATING🤓 people around the Globe🌍 about our beautiful Animals😍🙏🏼 Comment some interesting Facts about Capuchin Monkeys🐒 below👇🏼 and if you don‘t know any.... GOOGLE will help you 😜🤓 • Tag 3 Friends to learn them something about Capuchin Monkeys 😌👌🏼❤️
What would YOU do when Bae smells some weird scents on you?😅 (Comment some Tips below👇🏼😜) • Tag a someone who smells on his/her Bae like this! 🤨SECURITY CHECK🧐
Together We WILL make this Earth🌍 a better place🙏🏼❤️ What would your reaction be if YOU would win a Trip to the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis😝🤘🏼🦁 (Comment below👇🏼 and Tag 2 Friends you would take with to Africa)
4-5 Years ago I could NEVER imagine to ever be part of a Real LION🦁 PRIDE in Africa!🇿🇦 Even though it was a Life long Dream to be able to live with wild animals🐾 and make a POSITIVE CHANGE for our Planets🌍 Wildlife, the Dream was always so far!😢 Today 5 Years later I find myself living in Africa🇿🇦🤘🏼 surrounded by all kinds of wild animals🐒🐺🐗🐍🦓🐆, being physically part of a LION PRIDE🦁 and creating a GLOBAL🌍 MOVEMENT✊🏼 which will make this Earth a better place for ALL of us🙏🏼😌❤️ So Long-Story-Short: Guys, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Always stay true to yourself and keep on following your Dreams✊🏼 If I can do it, than YOU can do it as well!💪🏼 Thx for all Your SUPPORT😌🙏🏼 • Let me know in the comments below👇🏼 what you think about this Post & Tag 3 Friends you want to inspire today💪🏼🌍✊🏼😌
Don‘t worry there is just a HUGE THORN 🗡 in your Forehead! 😅😲 (Comment your Thoughts below👇🏼) • Tag a Friend who would remove a Thorn🗡 from a Lions🦁 Forehead!
Would you rather be an ELEPHANT🐘 or a LION🦁? And Why?🤔 (Comment below👇🏼) • Tag a friend who thinks he‘s / she‘s THE BOSS😂👌🏼 • 🎥: Unknown & @maxstrong
Was that mean? 😅🤔 (Comment👇🏼) • Tag somebody you would share your food with🙏🏼😜❤️
Reunion with Chuckie the Hyena after not seeing her for a Month 😌❤️🐺 Comment YOUR thoughts below👇🏼 • Tag a Friend who has to see👀 this!