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*** Michelin definition: A restaurant worth a special journey, indicating exceptional cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. Distinctive dishes are precisely executed, using superlative ingredients ✔️👌🏼🦞 #borrachotime
Check it out I’m an artiste 👨‍🎨 @graceseo  #uglydelicious #gracewants
@sameazy is the chef at our new restaurant Bar Wayō and my guest on this week’s episode of @davechangshow. This is volume 2 of “our own worst critics” like I did with @jskenes. This time we’re turning the microscope on ourselves. Sam is a great cook and understands how to make delicious food. But as he’ll tell you, he’s had to grow as a leader and a person to become a great chef. We still have so much more to do at Wayō but I’m very proud of Sam for the progress he’s made on himself and at the restaurant. Listen at the link in my bio. @ringer @majordomomedia
Today is #theawesomechallenge and this photo makes me feel confident and AWESOME because Hugo reminds me that I should look at everything through a child’s eyes. For every post using #theawesomechallenge @RocketsofAwesome will donate an entire back-to-school outfit to a @Baby2Baby child in need. Tag 3 friends and for every post, we can unlock more donations! @reneredzepinoma @chrissyteigen @alexinseattle
Chef Brooks Headley is one of the great chefs of our time and my guest on today’s episode of @davechangshow. There’s nothing like his restaurant @superiorityburger. It’s tiny and idiosyncratic and extremely delicious. Brooks’s career has been unique but I wish more young cooks would copy that rather than his recipes. Listen at the link in my bio, buy his cookbook and if you haven’t been, go eat at Superiority Burger. @ringer @majordomomedia 📷: @sunnyshokrae
I’ve known @briankoppelman for a long time. He was one of the very earliest supporters of @momolongplay. I honestly don’t know if we’d be around if not for Brian. 🙏 He’s one of those rare people who lives to experience things and share what he loves. Not to mention his incredible resume as a writer/producer/director. Rounders is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I’m a huge fan of Billions. I’m so proud to call him a friend and my guest on this week’s @davechangshow. @ringer @majordomomedia
Summer 丼 here kids - 🐓, squash & shisho #gracewanted 🎶: granddaddy
almost perfect
My guest on this week’s episode of @davechangshow is @mzmariscal, the CEO of @momolongplay. To gain more wisdom and maturity we had to look to someone like Marge. She’s only 30 but wise beyond her years. We’ve talked about opening restaurants on the show but we haven’t talked about running them. We get into that and much more in this episode. I’m very proud of Marge and I can’t think of a better person to lead Momofuku into the future. Listen at the link in my bio. @ringer @majordomomedia
‪Heretical statement:‬ ‪  I adore summer 🍅 season but I think BLT’s taste better with shitty hothouse tomatoes than perfectly ripe summer ones. Less juicy, right acidity and texturally better in relation to iceberg lettuce and crisp bacon‬. Keep that 🥑 out of there. 🧂 🍅  #uglydelicous #perfectsummerforever #kewpie
I ❤️ @bangbar.xyz so much Spit roasted  돼지불고기 (daeji bulgogi). Only thing that’s not korean is the cooking equipment 🔥 🎵: 📺 #glory  #uglydelicious 🇹🇷>🇲🇽>🇰🇷>🇺🇸
It’s not a cheeseburger....it’s a popovich 🐖 🥚 🧀 #visionquest #takeonshute