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Keech Peach 🍑 First certified real booty ™️ KO watches- @kowatches 📧 Collaborations: daisysfit@gmail.com Shop booty programs ⬇️

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Hi, bored in traffic. 🚙Here’s an unedited photo of myself hehe bye bye.
Good little ducky 🦆
If you can guess the book I’m reading, I will follow you. 🤓📚(Hint: it’s not the book that was on my story yesterday)
Link in bio for my exact workout! 🍑💪🏼Looking back at old photos really shows how much my body has changed by just doing the right exercises and having a proper diet. On the left, I hardly lifted a finger when it came the gym. The only thing I did was cardio cardio and more cardio with maybe 700-1,000 calories a day. Now, on the right, I started to lift heavy and eat A LOT more. At first I thought I would get super bulky and manly, but really it just added so much curve. I’ve done sooo much research on how to keep a small waist but also grow your booty.  Fortunately for you guys, I’ve put all my knowledge and my exact workouts into a booty program! Click the link in my bio for workouts plans!! 🍑🍑😊😊💪🏼 #weightlossmotivation #fitnessinspiration #weightlifting #bootybuilding #bootyworkouts
Sweet summer days are coming to an end BUT HELLO PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING 🎃😻 @fashionnova
No, I did not skydive topless #skydiving #summer #summervibes #fitnessmotivation
Rolling into cheat day like🍭🧁🍪
You should have seen the faces of people driving by 😂
@fashionnova 🦋Everything I understand about life is such a mental click, that when I try to explain my perspective I can’t find the words. But let me try!! An open mind will take u far.. so listen w one pls 🙏🏼🦋 Perspective is EVERYTHING. Everybody has a different one. Everyone views what you do differently. You may have had one intention, but someone else saw it differently. Sadly, you can’t  change their perception with out explaining yourself. But why should we explain our selves. I personally never do anymore bc the way other people see you is kind of their personal problem. And since you can’t control anyone else’s thoughts you mind as well please your own. I know that may seem harsh, but it’s true.  When it comes to your own perspective on personal problems, It takes an extremely self aware mind to catch their own perception and change it to a way that will benefit them most. For example, if someone has a negative circumstance that changes their life, a lot of the time people stay in that dark hole dwelling on what’s wrong and how their entire life is ruined forever. Yes, what ever happened sucks, but you can’t do nothing about it. However, what you can do is change your mindset. You can either dwell on what you can’t change and let it ruin the rest of your life , or you can accept it and start to perceive things differently. I mean if you want to be happy you might as well. In no way shape or form as I trying to take away from anyone’s pain, but if you can’t change the circumstance, you might as well change the way you see it. But this is something that has to mentally click for it to truly work. Which it will over time if you open up your mind enough. Hopefully I worded this right! and if I didn’t, the WELP SHIT I TRIED. Again, I’m just trying to share what runs through my mind when I’m quite. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW :)) 🦋🦋♥️♥️
Baby girl, your smile is contagious 💗OK but high key  I CAN’T WAIT TO BE A MOMMA @fashionnova
Never forget 9/11. Remember the heroes and victims who lost their life during this tragedy. My heart goes out to their loved ones❤️ #911 #neverforgotten
I fall in love w souls rather than people, that’s why it’s so deep 🦋