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We did a double take as the ocean turned to a milky green and our boat became surrounded by highly mineralized water emerging from a volcanic hot spring. From a drone the tributary becomes visible as this steaming river winds it’s way toward the ocean. I’ve never seen this water color skim surface like this before, I guess this is what they meant when they said the Kurils were full of mystery.
Nothing screams out for your attention in these Russian islands. It was a quiet beauty that I don’t find many places. No postcard views or guidebooks alerting you of the next “epic” vista. Everything was unique in its own way because we had never seen this type of landscape before. #fromkurilswithlove
Chasing unique angles is everything in photography. Although this one isn’t new by paragliding standards I was still pretty stoked on it when @shanedenherder showed me this small tag line & baby parachute he rigged up to hold my camera off his wing. It takes a perfect launch to not get tangled and obviously a time lapse setting to get it right. You hope that you get the tiny parachute vs camera weight just right to create enough lift. I love seeing this unique perspective of me shooting over the Utah desert.
When your passion for self promotion is greater than your passion for photography there is a problem.  And yes I recognize the irony in this statement and try consider every single day in what I share, why I share it and if it brings any positivity into the world. Never before have the art & commerce side of a “creatives” life been so intertwined and it’s always important to take a step back and reflect.
The world needs your perspective. Happy World Photography day to all those that use this craft to share their creativity & passion of the world around them. Stoked to be apart of the new Sony #bealpha campaign that includes so many of my peers I hold in such high regard! .  Cheers @curtismorgan on the epic edit & direction 🤙 @sonyalpha
Tonight! WITHIN REACH film screening & cover release party for @markomcinnis & @joshmulcoy at my studio in Pismo Beach!  Come out for a fun evening of films a slideshow & some epic giveaways with a few of these legends! $10 dollars at the door. 7-10pm  Food truck & kombucha on hand from @whalebirdkombucha @thepairingknife 🙌🏼 .  Film by @mike_cochran  @surfer_magazine
It’s complicated. As much as we all want to “help” in a situation where we see human waste affecting wildlife, the best practice is always to make sure you are first and foremost Educated & secondly Experienced when handling wild animals. For example on the beautifully healthy Sea Lion populations of Tyuleny Island - Russia we saw hundreds of thousands of seals & sea birds living extremely content & happy. But of course a few poor souls were adorned with nets around their neck & flippers. It’s easy to ask (even rather aggressively at times) why I /you wouldn’t jump into action & free that animal from its net. And the truth is that a Stellar Sea lion is an extremely aggressive animal.. these are in no way the small seals you see people manhandling to remove nets from in videos. Males are upwards of 1,000 lbs + and would absolutely attack if you approached a harem (it’s mating group). An even more important consideration is that during birthing season when the pups are young the relationship between mom and pup is crucial. Aggravating seals during this period can force them to leave their pups onshore (they cannot swim when young) while they enter the ocean, chances are they will not find their pups again. The amount of dead, lost and trampled (by males) pups we saw was really soul crushing to see firsthand. I would venture to say that attempting to remove something like this during the wrong time of year & without proper skill can and will be way more devastating to their cycle of life than wearing this net.  I share this as not only a healthy reminder but also a word of advice to those wanting to make a difference. Be careful & educate yourself as best you can. I applaud anyone that wants to make a difference but most of what we see online comes with little to no context of the backstory, history or preparation involved.. which is always important so that you are fully prepared for how YOU can make a difference. . PS- it smelled like 🌸 .  PSS -
Our mission to sail the entire chain of the Lofoten islands last October, also known as the Lofoten Wall,  was met with many challenges.. specifically poor weather during our multiple crossings that were anything but smooth. You might even call them Vomit inducing 🤮. Either way we finished our objective and like all good expeditions we suffered in the process of achieving our goal. This night in Trollfjord was the calmest of the trip. There was boundless gratitude this windless for safe harbors amongst storms. Something you really learn to appreciate whilst living on a boat.
Oregon It’s been too long.  Teaching is a funny thing for me, I often soak up more inspiration from students than they ever know. There is a purity to their excitement about photography that reminds me of why it’s such an amazing gift to share.  Grateful to meet & teach so many of you at the @sonyalpha Kando event today. Sunrise till sundown Oregon delivered.
I’ve seen the wind rage here so uncontrollably that it blew a tent 100 ft into the air & water droplets felt like nails hitting your skin. Seeing a day this calm is hard to comprehend... didn’t even think it was the same planet.  How’s the double sun flare at the end?! @mattrfoley @benweiland @jefftaylr
A Sunday spent in nature. My wife & I truly cherish our family time... we have always preserved Sundays for family, an opportunity to reflect back on the week and how we could have done better & most importantly church. These Sunday’s away from home are usually the moments I miss them most. Spending time in nature, reflecting on the beauty of this planet is as close as I can get to them when I’m away. #fromkurilswithlove
@markomcinnis I couldn’t be more proud of you for shooting this photo. I still remember you calling me out of the blue 10 years ago asking me to teach you a bit about photography.. I was still just trying to figure it out myself when we spent 2 days just talking about everything I thought I knew at the time. You drove down from Oregon & slept in your car outside my small house. I was like dang this dude is dedicated.  Watching your career blossom, seeing your dedication has at times brought me to tears & this photo stands as a testament to your dedication to the craft. Seeing this photo on the cover of @surfer_magazine gives me all the same goosebumps when I got my first cover. Proud of you, love you and will always be your fan.  @joshmulcoy you ain’t bad yourself :) .  I’m so grateful to share the film from the trip & a slideshow at my studio in Pismo Beach next Saturday the 17th.  Mark will be on hand signing prints and @joshmulcoy will be there sharing his new film. Please come out and support my brother Mark!  Details & tickets in my bio link or here https://bit.ly/2YDPdTv