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❧Director | DJ 🎧 |Model❧ Live a life of love 🌈 Mental health ❤️ Music: kevin.gimble@unitedtalent.com Bookings: charly@vampped.com

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I never do full face makeup or hair like this... and it’s so fun to do for videos or shoots! Enjoy ✖️ makeup from @tartecosmetics Wig from @insertnamehere Song by @lilnasx
JUST DID A LIVE ABOUT SOCIAL ANXIETY AND MENTAL ILLNESS. Go check it out if you feel overwhelmed today 🙏🏼 When I was a little girl I saw the corpse of a tree lying on a beach, I looked at my mom and said “That huge dead tree looks spooky!” She looked back at me and responded with “I actually think dead trees are quite beautiful, it’s the skeleton of the tree. Twisted and dead, but strong” She then compared them to Georgia O’ Keeffe paintings and I’ve never looked at them the same since. I grew up in a desert where corpses of trees littered the earth, beautiful and strong. A metaphors for life at times ➕ Wearing @revolve
Hey there 🕷 found this picture on tumblr yesterday legit while scrolling through looking for shoot inspo and randomly saw this pic of me, and was so confused because I honestly had no idea where it came from 😂
➕Sand in places I didn’t want it➕ There are so so many distractions in today’s world. I beg you to not wait long to truly start living. Because life is what you make it! The more you give the more you get, and you can have your fairytale ending regardless of your beginning!  Two years ago I was homeless for a brief time, no money, no place where I belonged, and had few who believed in me. So I made my own place, choosing to believe in myself, instead of trying to fit into someone else’s. Now you guys are a part of that place and I’ll be forever grateful. Y’all saved my life! Now go do what you want to do! Thinking about making a video with my whole backstory 💕 Bikini from @superdown
Here’s me wondering why @sidneyjamila doesn’t do my makeup every day 🖤 wrapping up shooting in New York! Such a crazy city. Would you ever live in NYC?
Lookin like summer and sandy cheeks ➕ what does your hair look like naturally? Mine is super curly as you can see, and when I go to humid tropical places there is NO hiding it! A BTS clip from @jessicajckphoto and I shooting in Hawaii! Stoked to share the pics soon 🤘🏼 Song by @russ
DOUBLE WATERFALL! Look at the little baby one in the back✨ A day of road trippin and hiking always puts me in a great mood! What are your plans for the day? ➕Wearing @revolve
There’s nothing better to me than seeing my videos in @illeniummusic visuals. I’ve used his music for so many of my videos, so to have it returned was literally priceless. It made my freaking year!!!! An honor to collaborate w him in a small way ❤️! Only @illeniummusic can make myself and many grown men cry at a festival!  Send me videos if you go to his shows, which you definitely should 🤯 Thank you so much @moonrisefest 🙌🏼
Happy girl ❤️ I think the last picture really accentuates my jaw line and shredded upper body...thoughts? Wearing as always my crazy comfy @aloyoga (no joke I’ve worn Alo every single day for the past month) Being back in Kauai felt like a blessing! The first time I saw the Na Pali coast line I cried because I felt so fortunate to be able to experience such an incredible peaceful feeling.
Excited to show you what @jessicajckphoto and I shot in Maui 🌺 my first and definitely not my last time. Had such an incredible 9 days shooting with @Piersonx and @Taylorcutfilms exploring the night skies, cold waterfalls, and the cool ocean waters with all of Maui’s TURTLES! So many 💕 also if ur still weirded out by nudity feel free to hit that unfollow. There were a lot of cool nude beaches in Maui, love the hippie lifestyle out here! Free and beautiful.
I fall in love with you more and more each day 💕 Wearing @superdown  Song: Lane 8 - No Captain
I hope everyone has had an amazing summer! I know I have ☀️ excited to show you all what we’ve been working on out here in Hawaii! Also is anyone going to Moonrise festival! 💛