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behind the scenes of shameless !!!!!!!!!! Making of the song and music vid ya feel me
One of my favorite quotes is, “humanity owes the child the best it has to give.” and yesterday I heard at the event something that really resonated with me also “changing a kid’s life lasts a lifetime”. And save the children are doing just that.  Changing the course of kids and families’ lives all over the world. There are SO many children who are invisible, discriminated against and in vulnerable situations.  Please help and donate if you can by going to save the children’s website! www.savethechildren.org/ and if you can’t please help us spread the word 歹#SaveTheChildrenCentennial
@savethechildren gala last night 歹
I really hope to work with @savethechildren for the rest of my life, I felt so humbled and so inspired to be in a room full of people that dedicate their lives to making kids’ lives better all over the world.... I felt especially inspired by the kids there that at such a young age use everything they have been through to make a difference and help others...that kind of empathy, compassion and strength at such a young age is so inspiring to me and all of us in that room, making us want to be better and do better. i want to do a special shoutout to Maryam who is an advocate who works with save the children in Nigeria, to Hope and Given who captivated us with their story, to Jennifer Garner whose enthusiasm and dedication to save the children deeply touched and inspired me, to sweet Halima Aden - Save The Children Ambassador, and to Nate Hyson who is 11 and started a charity and gave me his business card like a boss!!! All of you guys just truly made me want to do better last night. you inspire me! And thank you most of all to Carolyn for your leadership and 21 years of service at save the children, we love you and are grateful for all you have done!!!
shoutout to @davemeyers cause every time I work with you I leave set so so inspired, your passion for what you do and your tirelessness for wanting to keep dreaming and make it better is so FUN- I seriously have so much fun making these videos with you- I love you Dave!
i love 1. being an idiot and 2. making music videos where I can be an idiot #liarmusicvideo did you watch it?!!!!! what did you THINK for the love of god tell meeeeee!!!!!
Whenever I make a music video I try to think of what message I want to tell, I think what do I wanna communicate to someone who’s  watching  The video is pretty crazy and ridiculous and a story we had fun making up, but the messages are what make me most proud of it- I told Dave I wanted one of the themes in the video to be true love over materialism- I feel like nowadays people value money, power, luxury, and even the “appearance” of how something looks more than looking at the real thing - the talk show is making fun of that by showing how people take a human situation and take the humans out of it by just focusing on the superficial, you know? the other message I love in it is about living your truth. The first time I try to lie, life immediately punishes me by making me choke to death, then I try to avoid it by telling little truths, but not the actual BIG truth,which is that I’m unhappy with this luxurious, grandiose, seemingly perfect fiancé - so every time I try to ignore it the messages become louder and louder, so I relive the same day and die every time I don’t say the real truth. When I finally admit to my fiancé that I’m in love with the bus boy at my restaurant, the groundhogs loop is broken and I finally am not reliving the same day!!! Moral of the story: live your truth and choose LOVE over all the other BS that doesn’t really matter. I LOVE YOU GUYS I HOPE YOU LOVED THIS VIDEO!!
#liarmusicvideo  is out now! 歹
枚onight at midnight. Literally most fun video I’ve ever made.  LIAR. 扔扔扔扔  (midnight ET) #liarmusicvideo
tonight. LIAR. 扔