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Kristin Addis


🧜‍♀️ California girl solo traveling the world 🇺🇸 Currently in Nevada 📽 YouTube.com/BeMyTravelMuse 👇 The perfect California weekend getaway:

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The California coast is magical, but my secret favorite part is the Lost Coast. You've got Redwoods right up against the jagged coastline, which is full of whales and seals and very few people. I feel like it's one of the state's best-kept secrets because while many drive along PCH, few make it this far north. That's why my girlfriends and I came here for a getaway - just the three of us - for an adventure in nature. We're all pretty busy women so getting to come to a place as secluded and gorgeous as the Inn at Newport Ranch, which sits on 2000 acres, is such a treat. We saw tons of seals, all curious and eyeing us as we walked along a natural rock bridge out to sea, followed by foraging for mushrooms in the Redwood forest on our ATV adventure with Otis, who then brought us to the organic garden where we picked strawberries. I loved being here with my soul sisters but imagine it's perfect for one's soulmate, too. We even had redwood trees in our room and our own jacuzzi! Hit the link in my bio to read more.
Big, heartfelt thank you to those of you who came on this amazing trip, put your trust in me, and made it so much fun to guide. I love these hiking trips in part because I see people overcome their fears and realize what they’re capable of, which is beautiful to see. I remember a few years ago I couldn’t even fathom backpacking, and didn’t understand how it could be fun. Now I crave that time in nature and love the sense of accomplishment. It’s amazing to get to share that #bmtmadventures. Hit the link in my bio to see what adventures we have coming up. #bmtmadventures
Brb just landing on another planet. And of those days when you cross your fingers because the Rangers told us the wind would be strong in the afternoon, so we woke up at the crack of dawn to make her way up the mountain. This was the reward. Just the latest breeze, the perfect clarity, and green for days. Can’t tell you how rewarding it is to leave these hikes with such amazing groups of women #bmtmadventures.
This group was so supportive, easy-going, and awesome to hike with, just like every group that I’ve taken on #bmtmadventures which have taken us to Peru, Patagonia, Namibia, Botswana, the Alaskan backcountry, and now Iceland. Swipe to see some of the girls absolutely killing it on the trail. Do you belong in this tribe? I have one more spot for Galapagos and a few more for Patagonia. Link in my bio!
On the last night of this trip we all talked about what our favorite moment was, and mine was when one of the girls from the trip told me that she felt empowered to backpack independently after this experience - that it had built up her confidence. This waterfall was at the very end of our 6-day trek, and is only fitting that it’s Iceland’s biggest and most powerful waterfalls. #bmtmadventures join us in Patagonia in March. Link in bio! (📷: @nellek89 @chantellejade2588)
When you realize you’re about to descend into Middle Earth (or at least that’s how @Nellek89 described it - I haven’t actually watched LOTR). Iceland is another planet. This was on day 2 of #bmtmadventures backpacking in Iceland. Swipe to see where we slept that night (Yes I hauled my drone on my back on that trip - priorities 🤪)
Kudos to everyone who has made it to day 5 of the #bemyphotomuse - today we're looking right into the camera and being fierce. This is, at least for me, the toughest because it's a fine line between looking a little angry or bored, and perfectly sultry and confident. Keep trying this one and pick out a favorite of the bunch. Can't wait to see what you guys share! #posechallengeday5
I find posing in a photo can be awkward when I'm not sure to do with my hands. My best way of solving this is to grab a prop, like a flower, umbrella, or in this case, a floppy sun hat. #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday4 I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
Smiling is contagious  You can catch it like the flu When someone smiled at me today I started smiling too.  I turned around the corner  And someone saw my grin And when he smiled I realised  That I'd passed it on to him  I thought about that smile  Then I realized its worth A single smile just like mine Could travel ‘round the earth  So if you feel a smile begin Don't leave it undetected Let’s start an epidemic quick And get the world infected.  I saw that poem pasted on the bathroom wall of the hut I stayed in on day 2 of my 6-day hike in Iceland. It speaks so well to the #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday3 - creative smiling. It’s all in today’s pose challenge email! Link in my bio if you still want to join the party. It’s fun. It’s free!
For the #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday2 it's all about movement. It's much easier to make a photo show your personality and feel lighthearted and fun when we move in it. Twirl, dance, throw your arms out like you’re flying or kick your legs in water. When we move, we say goodbye to stiffness and start to have fun with it!
Being a tiny human in a gorgeous natural setting is one of my favorite ways to show scale, add a pop of color, and to show the grandeur of a place. For today's #bemyphotomuse #posechallengeday1 we're being tiny humans in our photos, because a human interest makes a photo that much more intriguing. We can see ourselves there, even when it's not us in the photo. We can get a sense of what it would feel like to be there, and when it comes to travel photography, this is one of my favorite ways to express it. You can still join the free pose challenge at the link in my bio! See you tomorrow.
How can you get comfortable in front of the camera? By practicing. I used to find it so strange to face the camera and preferred to just do photos facing away from the camera, or not be in the picture at all. Then I realized all of my photos were just of the back of my head! Now I work in variety and it's clear my travel photos are of me, not some brunette that could be anyone. Since I know it can feel strange, I put together a 5-day, totally free, pose challenge with tips on how to take your own photo, how to get comfortable in front of the camera, and work your way up to the more, shall we say, 'advanced' poses looking at the camera. It's tons of fun and it doesn't cost anything. So far over 1200 women have completed it and starting on Thursday, we'll do it all live together! Sign up at the link in my bio to be part of it! #bemyphotomuse