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Keyah Hennessey 🐉🧚🏿‍♂️


Choosing love over fear 🌻 Scorpio 🌞 Sagittarius🌛Pisces Asc 🌒 Libra Venus🕊 Virgo Mars🧚🏻‍♀️

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Somewhere far away from here.
Happy two years muffin, love u heaps 💕 you absolute retard xxx
So much love for you two beautiful humans 💕💕💕
Like semi kinda lowkey love you guys.  Thanks @hannahmadisonlara for a great night, happy birthday my love ❤️❤️❤️
Not gonna lie, still wishing I somersaulted across the giant gold aluminium foil bundles that took up residence on the oldies’ bowling lawns. Not even sure if this was sustainable art if my dreams of being one with the foil weren’t sustainable. Just sayin.
Maggot Brain ?
Lover you 💕💕💕
Succeeded in dragging some mates over the bridge to stand in a room with me and pretend to be edgy !!
Someone save me from my moral drunk rants as which I am not valid to be giving. Thank you to those who still love me for being so annoying!
Transcend the hell outta here.
Let go & understand. It is so easy for people to hold onto bitterness against those that we thought should’ve acted differently or given us the right kind of ‘love’. It’s a million times harder to not condemn people for doing what they thought was right or what they only knew at the time. I find we judge others in the harshest light when we are in a place of uncertainty in ourselves. In believing we are unlovable we attempt to destroy our love for the one’s we perceived to deny us. We are not unloveable, some people are incapable of expressing themselves in the ‘right’ way because they never learnt so. It isn’t their fault and it isn’t yours. I have found forgiveness and compassion for those who have hurt me in the past from understanding the ‘whys’ to which things happened.  I have found sadness and respect from knowing the lack of love that has filled the lives of people who didn’t give me the emotional support I needed. It is not through blame that we can hope that people in our lives will learn to love us in the way we want.  It is always our choice as to how we understand their love and how we choose to give our love to others. I choose to forgive and I choose to push myself past the limitations of how I was taught I could be loved. To whomever needs it, you’re worthy of love separate from what others can take from you.
Infinite love for my fellow Scorpion
Happiest of birthdays to the most beautiful soul and best friend I could’ve asked for. I don’t think it’s possible to express how much I love you in words.  I am continually thankful for having a person like you in my life. All of my best memories growing up were with you and all of the worst had you by my side always supporting me. I cannot begin to thank you for all the love you have given me.  You’re honestly the best person I know and I admire your strength, morality, gentleness and compassion so much. You deserve so much happiness and I hope you never forget how truly amazing you are. Happy birthday beautiful, love you forever xxx
The old man’s band photos from back in the day.  I remember running around having the time of my life at your band gigs when I was a kid and you sitting me on your lap trying to teach my chubby hands how to play blues rifts on the bass.  I will always be so incredibly grateful for how you filled our home with music; there was never a day where a new album wasn’t waking me up from bed.
Sweet dreams and bed time stories for good children!
A Mix About You.
A continuous loop of jazz tracks, a mangled friendly pussycat and a jungle wrapping this shack in warmth.
This week in Tottori has been magical and offered a completely different experience of Japan.  We stayed with a Japanese family in their home and experienced the warmest hospitality and the sweet demeanour of the small town folk in Aoya.  It’s been full of rice fields, forests and surprisingly a very booming surf culture.  The people here were so beautiful and warm; I have an immense amount of love for Maki San from the local beach shack who really created such a lovely space for us to hang out during the days and share stories with her and her husband.